Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Text post!!! :D

Wahoo! First class and first post. Technology is fun to play around with.

I left for the WH campus an hour early because the other day I tried to do a timed run and ended up on the highway, getting hopelessly lost even with a GPS. It takes a special kind of person to anger a GPS. Anyways, got here with no hitches and then I remembered that TCPCG students were getting free breakfast 30 minutes before class! Double wahoo!

Now I'm sitting in class, doing a simple blog post as requested by Prof. Hale. I want to put in pretty GIFs and such, but I guess that can come later (I hope!). Got asked by my high school dance teacher to fill in for a student who had to suddenly drop out, and the recital is in two weeks, so I'm going straight from class to my old dance studio. Can't believe I'm going to be dancing again after four years. My kicks are (can we swear here?) messedddd upppp right now. Mar (my dance teacher) is going to stick me in the back like an ugly old plant.

Wahoo for TCPCG! :DDD