Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Text post!!! :D

Wahoo! First class and first post. Technology is fun to play around with.

I left for the WH campus an hour early because the other day I tried to do a timed run and ended up on the highway, getting hopelessly lost even with a GPS. It takes a special kind of person to anger a GPS. Anyways, got here with no hitches and then I remembered that TCPCG students were getting free breakfast 30 minutes before class! Double wahoo!

Now I'm sitting in class, doing a simple blog post as requested by Prof. Hale. I want to put in pretty GIFs and such, but I guess that can come later (I hope!). Got asked by my high school dance teacher to fill in for a student who had to suddenly drop out, and the recital is in two weeks, so I'm going straight from class to my old dance studio. Can't believe I'm going to be dancing again after four years. My kicks are (can we swear here?) messedddd upppp right now. Mar (my dance teacher) is going to stick me in the back like an ugly old plant.

Wahoo for TCPCG! :DDD


  1. I love the fact that you used Wahoo (I saw your comment on Marta's blog). I also am still trying to find a good way to get here with a GPS. Mine usually takes me straight down 91S, then onto 84W, but I hate 84 and don't want to deal with traffic, so I tried a new way today, per map quest, and it was okay. There were too many traffic lights. I guess I have to decide what is better, traffic or traffic lights. I'm jealous that you are going to be in a dance recital. I danced for 13 years and would give my right arm to tap dance again for an audience. I'll have to put it on my things to do list once I have the time again haha.

  2. Wahoo for TCPCG! Amen Kate. I like your blog's name by the way.

  3. Were you able to find a simple route to get to campus? I know some backroads that work nicely if you're avoiding the highway (morning traffic on 84 especially nearing Hartford is terrible)! I can't stand using GPS, they are my last resort for anything! (I had to use one this weekend when a main Route was closed due to a parade and I was trying to get on Rt 8...problem with using a GPS is it directs you the way you are supposed to go and not an alternate option when there are roadblocks that require a detour!)

    Good luck with dancing! I am sure it will be fine. :)