Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review of Copyright TrackStar

Audience- Middle School to Adult
Year Published- 2005

1. First link didn't work! It's always disappointing when this happens, but not surprising since this TrackStar was created in 2005. I think TrackStar should have some sort of expiration date for TrackStars older than five years with detected broken links (if that's possible), so that educators looking for valuable and meaningful TrackStars won't have to sift through all the broken ones.

2. This site is sponsored by the Library of Congress, so it is a reliable source. It also makes the student look for the answers, rather than sending students to the right page automatically.

3. This link is also broken, which is too bad since the questions connected to this frame are valuable and important for anybody learning about copyright.

4. This was a very interesting article that I found useful to read myself. I like how it was updated until 2008, which meant it would have been relevant to the time when this TrackStar was first published in 2005.

5. This is a good activity for those in middle school and gives a great summary otherwise to what should have been gleaned from this TrackStar overall. I would have liked some sort of interactive activity but it still brings everything together. This TrackStar should be supplemented with some sort of follow-up activity either in class or as homework (in class would be more beneficial since it would encourage discussion about copyright).

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