Thursday, June 14, 2012

Screencasts Assignment

1. Tutorial

2. MakeUpAlley Review / Tutorial

3. Dragon Age Origins Unlimited Gold Tutorial (NEVER coming soon)

So, the story with the Unlimited Gold tutorial: After four hours of fiddling with it, never came to fruition. Screencast-o-matic is not friends with gaming screens. Instead of recording the game, the screen recording becomes pixelated and indistinguishable. I tried to upload the 'failed' recording, and it stops encoding at about 19%.

While I don't have time to do a different third tutorial, I still see this as a valuable lesson learned. Screencast-o-matic is not good for highly-detailed BioWare games. The end. Now I really need to take an aspirin...


  1. Haha thanks for being considerate of me, Kate!

    Now I know exactly where to go when I need a new lip gloss for summer.

    1. I just choked on my dinner, thank you Terrence. xD

  2. Clever Screencasts! I like the first one because I usually just go into google, type the name of the store I'm looking to purchase from, and find some codes! I'll have to keep that site in mind though. And the second site just made me laugh...because I am the worst when it comes to makeup. I don't read up on anything, I'll just buy what's handy and cheap, and go with it. But it was interesting to see!

  3. Nice screencasts! I've kind of heard of before, but I wasn't completely sure how to use it, now I am! I also laughed really hard at Terence's comment!