Monday, June 4, 2012

TrackStar Activity

Title: Aeromonas Hydrophila (We be gettin' science-y up in this joint right here!)

PASSWORD: sc!ence

URL: Click on Me to head to TrackStar!

Warning: I made sure there weren't any graphic photos (or, really, photos at all), but the content nature can be a little disturbing (deals with flesh-eating bacteria), so if you're very easily queasy I'm putting a disclaimer here.


  1. Katelyn thanks for introducing me to my worst fear. Now, every time I get a minor scrape or cut, I have to assume I have NF. Nice use of TrackStar, you'd definitely grab a student's attention.

  2. Kate, I heard about the story about the girl! I think it happened to some boy recently in the northeast too (at some Lake I think, I can't remember the details).

    I like that your first link was to the video because it grasp's the student's attention. Because if you start with a site about a bacteria it's just another thing they have no idea about, and getting everyone interested in it is difficult. However, when seeing a story like that I can't help but want to learn more about it!

    I like the overview websites that paint the overall picture about the bacteria and all of the "FAQ" that people may have on it.

    Additionally, I liked the last article having the positive outlook from Aimee. The girl has lost her leg, a foot on her remaining foot, and her arms...if that happened to me I doubt I would be optimistic and "in good spirits". It is an act of nature and clearly biology what occurred, but her outlook can be inspirational but is also a reminder that there are things out there among us that we may not know about; we know about "bacteria" but in general, when it effects someone is when the interest to learn is sparked.

  3. I get queasy very easily when I hear things like this or see the site of someone else's blood. So I looked over things quickly, but you did a great job. You had a variety of mediums which is great. The site about bacteria was great since it has a lot of general info on bacteria. I quickly skimmed the article and I think it's great that Aimee is in good spirits; I doubt that I would be if that was me. Great job!